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Although SCA is aggressive in its pursuit of collections the procedures employed are geared toward prevention of harassment and intimidation of its client's customers. At all times these procedures conform to the industry standards set forth by the American Collectors Association, and comply with all federal and state laws regulating the operation of collection agencies. SCA understands that healthcare-related debt is usually an unexpected expense that requires a different approach when being collected.

In its collection procedures, SCA utilizes a problem solving approach, in conjunction with a thorough follow-up process. This leads to greater debt recovery rates and fewer customer complaints. The goal of this approach is to have the customer acknowledge his accountability for the indebtedness; accept responsibility for discharging the account; and find ways to help him meet his financial obligation.

SCA establishes a relationship with its clients where it functions as an extension of their organization. SCA understands that it works for its clients and never forgets that optimum service is the only acceptable product worth providing.

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