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Security Collection Agency (SCA) is the trade name for Applied Business Services, Incorporated (ABS), a corporation which was established in 1974 to provide collection services for the North Carolina business community. Since then, SCA (and ABS) has grown to be one of the largest, most well-respected collection agencies in the Southeast, as well as being one of the first in the collection industry to fully computerize its asset recovery systems.

Security Collection Agency provides custom-designed collection services with the flexibility that allows you to choose the range of services that best matches your collection philosophy and generates the most revenue for your bottom line.

SCA will spare no effort to protect its client's reputation. It understands that collection of delinquent accounts is a very sensitive issue and can impact the image of a company in its community. A company's reputation among those that it serves must be held in high regard. SCA's collection practices fall well within the bounds of high moral and ethical business behavior, and serves to protect our clients' reputations.

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